Whoa! I have supersight…

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Do you Believe in Magic?.”

I woke up this morning. I thought after the busy morning, I’d have to drag myself out of my bed kicking and screaming. (How can you really drag yourself anywhere kicking and screaming?) Anyways, I expected a rather slow morning. I am pleased to tell you though I have a new reason to get up in the mornings. My sight has been changed! How exciting is that?

I’ve worn glasses since I was 6. I remember the first time we left the store and were driving home. I saw a flag pole I didn’t realize was there! I had lived at that place for over a year and here’s this flag pole I never noticed! Very exciting times for 6 year old Ricky. I could see things I’d never noticed before but this is even better than that time.

I didn’t really notice it at first. I mean everything looked basically the same. I woke up, grabbed the iPad and checked on the happenings with my social media accounts. Good job, Patriots! Not so much, Colts (so glad I didn’t have Colts players on my fantasy team). Things progressed normally from there. I woke up the kids to get them ready for school and that’s when I noticed little differences. Little mundane things I’d never noticed before stood out. Picking out clothes for the youngest seemed like the greatest thing ever. Here I was in a warm house, choosing from different outfits because the weather was different. So glad I have that option because I am fortunate to have a decent job.


That was a little weird, but even better, I had an electric single cup coffee maker to give me nectar of the gods. Here I was, putting my single serving cup in a machine that pushed water through into my cup to make me something that would energize me for a Monday. What a great country I live in!

My morning continued. I noticed the silence. I mean there were cars going to and fro as everyone headed out for a new day, but there were no explosions. No warplanes flying overhead and no bomb craters to avoid. I was just driving on rather nicely paved highways to go to a normal job and earn money for the services I provide. Not much to think about normally, but today I have supersight and I can see how fortunate I am.

I stopped on the way to work and picked up a box of cream filled donuts. How fantastic is that? Somebody woke up really early in the morning to bake so I could walk in a store, grab a pre-filled box and I could be a superhero because I brought donuts to work. Man, could it get any better than this? I sure hope so, but even if it doesn’t I’ve got a great life.

Ok…maybe I didn’t get a magical injection of supersight, but I do live a magical life. I’ve got three great kids, a steady job and a place to live, food to eat and clothes to wear. Life is good! Have a great day wherever you are.



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