Challenge accepted…

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Seven Wonders.”

How does one reduce understanding to seven words? Language is such a complex and challenging minefield to navigate and I’m asked to reduce understanding to seven words. I find the words of Khalil Gibran to always be thought provoking and personally challenging. This however is a new level of challenge.

If I am to reduce my words to seven, these are the seven I choose.

If you can’t love, life is meaningless.

I know that the statement is rather harsh, but I believe it completely. Life is difficult enough, but when there is no love, there is no hope. Love is intrinsic to who we are as humans. It is love that brings peace and starts wars. It is love that gives hope and dashes dreams. Men and women, boys and girls spend their whole lives chasing it and seeking to receive it. We are bombarded daily with images of what it looks like and how it should be lived out.

It’s cultural as well. Expressions of love are as tied to our cultural identity as words are. What is acceptable in one culture may be completely shunned in another. If we can’t understand the language of love, how can we understand the language of words? If we can’t fight for what we hold most dear, how can we ever hope to change the world for the better?

For me, love is everything. As a person of the Christian faith, love is the foundation and person of my faith. Love is the expression of my faith. Love is the hope of my faith. I will say again my seven words because for me, this is the key to understanding who I am and how I see the world.

If you can’t love, life is meaningless.


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