Relentless pounding

Today started out slow. It was raining, always fun for beach going activities. Red flag warnings kept us at the pool for part of the day. I got a nice photo out of the rainy day though.


We headed out and enjoyed a nice dinner with family. After dinner, we had plans to go to a local attraction that had an event we’d only get to see tonight. Unfortunately, because of today’s rain, the tour was canceled and a planned opportunity missed. That led us back to the beach as the riptide warning was allowed to expire.

Here’s a picture of the kids in the surf.


This observation of the kids led me to some parenting insights.

1. Sometimes, they will enter dangerous situations without me right next to them to protect them.

2. They may remain close to one another, but each child is unique and their own person.

3. The pressures that come at them are relentless and can knock them down.

4. Finally, if I’ve taught them well, they can face the pressure with humor and strength.

I don’t know what kind of dad I’ve been since their mom left me, but I hope I’ve done a good job. I love them all and want them to succeed. I know that their success is largely going to depend on their choices and will. I believe they can do it. I just hope I can let them.