Mommas be crazy

So, today is Mother’s Day. Whether we love or hate them, we wouldn’t be anything without the mom in our life. We wouldn’t be alive so that proves the truth of my statement. Our moms carry us as part of themselves before we ever see the light of day. So yeah, moms are the reason we are here. (Father’s Day is next month, so let’s not worry about the part they play in our existence).

My mom and I have had a slightly antagonistic relationship. We butt heads a lot, even now when I’m 25 years out of the home. She has though, always been a huge part of my life. She carried me to the hospital bunches growing up as I woke up in the middle of the night for spastic colons and during the day for stitches (lots of stitches). She played a big part in my decision to join the Army (run away). She was there on the day I got married and it was to her and dad I went to on the day my marriage was over.

Mommas be crazy though. They are the one who thinks you can strive farther then you ever imagined. They want you to grow up, but they don’t want to let you go. They want you to get married, but they want to be the number one woman in your life. They want you to be successful, but not to get a big head. And…they are the rock upon which your successes are built. They are the taxi drivers, head chefs, teachers, companions and so many other things as we travel the path we choose.

My mom is crazy as they come and even though we see the world from a different angle, I love her. I know I’m blessed I still have momma. And even though she be crazy and drives me crazy, I hope she’s here for the long haul. Happy Mother’s Day momma.