You mean I’m NOT the only one in the entire ‘verse that’s thought Bamahawg was a good name? Of course I lived in this delusional world for many, many, many moons. That is until today. So I was reading one of the fine blogs that followed me that’s got outstanding new blogger advice. So after reading an article about mistakes I was making, I did a google search. Now, I’m here in a blubbering mass of raw emotion because I thought I, and only I, was the one person in the universe who wanted to be BamaHawg.

I was understandably crushed in my own little narcissistic foolishness. For those of you old enough to remember, or to have a common enough name, if you weren’t the first person to a name then you had to add an infinite number of seemingly random numbers to your screenname. I mean, who remembers JohnSmith12344321? If you’re not John Smith and ONLY John Smith, then you will be lost to the neverending quest through pages of search results for yourself.


I thought (rather foolishly it turns out) that I am the only BamaHawg. I hope he doesn’t mind what I post here, because honestly I don’t know how to change my wordpress username. I can change my blog title all I want. (At least I think so. I didn’t really read ALL of the EULA. Who does? That’s a lot of lawyer sounding jibber jabber). I suppose though that it really doesn’t matter if he likes it. We are now inexorably linked in the world of search results and name recognition.

Here’s an example conversation upon being found to be the Bamahawg:

Other person (OP):Oh! Are you the twitter Bamahawg or the WordPress one? We like the twitter one, not so much the wordpress guy. He’s kinda wordy.

Me (sheepishly): I’m the wordpress guy. Aren’t I supposed to be wordy? I mean you only get 140 characters in twitter. I can write all I want with WordPress.

OP: Well, the twitter guy is witty and succint. You kinda ramble on and on and on and on and …..

Me: I get it. I use too many words. Maybe you just don’t understand the nuance available with WordPress that you can’t get with Twitter.

OP: Are you saying I’m not smart enough for your blog?

Me: NO! That’s not what I meant. I meant that there are shades of meaning available with the use of more words you can’t get with Twitter.

OP: OH! Now you’re saying I don’t get shades of nuance? That’s why we like the twitter Bamahawg better. He’s not condescending and rude!

Me: (Hands to my face, talking through my fingers). That’s not what I said. I was just saying…Oh, never mind. You’re too daft to get it anyway. I suppose if I explained it in 140 characters you’d understand! (walks away in a huff).

Anyway, I’m not the only Bamahawg. I’m sorry I’m too wordy for you. Maybe you can go to twitter guy and he can comfort you in short blasts of platitudes.