Why does it matter to me?

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Connect the Dots.”


This link leads to the following story:

City of Boyden hires municipal facilities employee

Jacob Anderson, born and raised in Hull, recently accepted a position with the City of Boyden. He will be in charge of the municipal facilities including snow removal, taking care of the parks, cemetery and water and sewer facilities in Boyden. Anderson went to Boyden-Hull and graduated from Northwestern in Orange City in 2010. He worked for six years at Gator Brothers Boring and Drilling Contractors in Rock Valley before returning to the area.

Original Publication Date: November 6, 2013
The prompt asked me to find an uninteresting story and decide how it connects to me. I thought it was an interesting task and so here I am, wondering how the hiring of Jacob Anderson connects to me.
Reading the short article makes me think of how exciting it must have been for his family to have his job announced in the local paper. We all have events in our life we’d love to have announced for others to see. Facebook, Twitter and all these other social media sites are probably the closest thing we’ll ever come to having our news announced for the world to read. For Jacob and his family, this new position was an opportunity to celebrate.
It would also likely bring apprehension. Anyone who is placed in charge of municipal services becomes a target when things don’t go the way the citizens of the municipality want. Placing yourself out there to serve others is an often thankless task. When things are going well, people probably don’t notice but if it goes wrong your phone/email/visitors increase exponentially. That usually makes for a bad day.
The connection I see is that we all have things in our life we want to share with the world. With the good comes the bad and we just try to learn how to allow the good to outweigh the bad. Even if we don’t find these sorts of announcements exciting, for the subject it’s probably the best news they’ve had on that day. It’s a time of celebration. Understanding that there will be tough days, we can look back and see that someone thought what we considered important was important to others too.

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