Why so closed off?

So…I’ve noticed lately that LOTS of people I know seem to be mistaken in the idea that America should just shut itself off from the rest of the world. No country in this era will long survive if it pulls away from the rest of the world. In today’s complex, inter-connected world, isolation is more individual than national. The really bad thing, we miss out on so much if we forget how we got to where we are.

America was the land of promise, but it also served to lift others hopes and aspirations from the work of today to visions of brighter futures. Innovation is not confined the America. People from throughout the world are innovators and we would do well to learn from them. I hope that more of my friends stop looking at how ‘others’ are taking away what is ‘theirs’ and learn to share in a global fashion.

I’ve been extremely blessed to have travelled to various parts of the world and have found without exception wonderful things. From the lush jungles of Central America, to the smiling faces of rural Haiti. I’ve also found warm hospitality in different parts of Europe and the unlikely beauty in the plethora of brown throughout Afghanistan.


Let’s be open to learning from one another and make this world a much better place. When we decide to enter the broad lanes of global society, we can learn to understand and hopefully see how very much alike we are.


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