Vacations end abruptly


So…I left the beach today. Before I left, I saw a suicide prevention tweet from The Bloggess. She tweeted “@TheBloggess: #depressionlies Don’t believe the lies. You are needed. Worldwide suicide hotlines & suicide survivors forum:”

She is one of my favorite writers because she’s so honest about her life and she aims (at least in my mind) to prevent suicide. The tweet was a bit prophetic of my day. On the way to my next destination, I talked to someone close to me where suicide was broached. Problem was that this person knew what I was doing to try to keep them holding on. It made it very difficult to just listen and try to offer that last piece of rope. At the end of the day, the person went to the ER and got help.

I stopped off to visit a friend. The discussion was very similar in content, but not so desperate in tone. I am grateful that both of these people feel confident enough in their ability to trust me to talk. I hope that each of you has someone like that. If not, please use the resources listed above. Another resource is TWLOHA.

This is a personal thing for me. I don’t want anyone to think suicide is the only viable option. Please know that someone values who you are. Reach for that last rope and get help if you need it.


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