No wonder I’m tired after vacation!


So…I think I finally figured out why vacations wear me out. When I go to work, I’m in an office by myself. I work in relative quiet with the occasional background music on. When I get home, I’m running kids here and there and then to bed to start all over again.

Vacation is different. I’m trapped in a new place surrounded by people who expect to be entertained. We are at the beach and that’s not enough. We need entertainment. My youngest is easy. He loves water. A couple hours at the beach and then a couple hours at the pool and he’s good and now asleep. My daughter, like most teens/ pre-teens, completely unsocial and content to state at the screen.

My oldest boy though. He requires constant entertainment. He’s not content to just sit around and relax after a few hours in the sun. I’m a red-headed introvert. I need some quiet, shaded quiet time or I become a not happy dad. Thank goodness for grandparents!

Maybe tomorrow I can rest on my vacation. If not…maybe I can at least vent a funny story. We’ll see…


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