Life doesn’t run on my schedule.

Today we headed to the beach. Things started out well enough. We were packed and ready to go on time. Our mini-caravan of vans headed out just a few minutes after our proposed time. I should have known it wouldn’t be as planned. Right after we pulled out of the driveway, someone from the church needed to talk to the lead driver. We stopped for about twenty minutes. Off we go again….for five minutes before the lead car saw the kid selling donuts at a four way stop. Five more minutes later we were on the road.
Everything went fine until we made our first stop. We ate lunch and then got back on the interstate. First traffic jam. 30 minutes later and with no sign of the purpose of the slowdown, we’re on our way again. We go good another two hours and stop again for gas. Good to go, no problems with gas acquisition. Back to the interstate again where apparently, traffic jam number two was required. 30 more minutes….and then we are able to merge into the right lane and drive 30 miles an hour for 10 miles for repaying on the first real day of summer travel. Fortunately, Lil Jon and me were good to go to ‘Turn down for what?!?’
What should have taken no more than six and a half hours turned into a nice ten hour drive. Earlier in life, I would have been a ball of rage. Now I’m older and hopefully wiser with three kids. It was all worth it to see my youngest run around like a monkey being introduced to the jungle when he saw the ocean for the first time. Sometimes we’re so much in a rush to get where we’re going, we miss the awesome at the destination.



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